Kong 2.0.3 does not install custom plugin's dependencies from rockspec file

For the kong version 2.0.3, have written a custom plugin using official template, and configured lua_package_path and plugins of kong.conf referring steps at here.

It works.

But… say my plugin depends on another Lua package, so added a dependency as below in the [dot]rockspec file of the plugin

dependencies = {
  "lua-resty-ipmatcher == 0.6",

Kong’s latest version includes this deps by default, but not in kong 2.0.3.

Now… this dependency is not installed in kong automatically.
The workaround is I install this plugin’s luarocks deps by running luarocks install --only-deps <rockspec file> in the plugin’s directory.

Is it expected behavior? Any suggestions?

Ref this on how kong-pongo, one of the suggested plugin dev environment, does it.

  find /kong-plugin -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.rockspec' -exec luarocks install --only-deps {} \;

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