Kong 1.1.0 "no Route matched with those values"

Hi guys, I’m new to Kong and I have a problem with version 1.1.0. please your help

Original Service:

returns: [“value1”, “value2”, “value3”, “values4”]

When using Kong:

“host”: “vextusapi-vextus.1d35.starter-us-east-1.openshiftapps.com”,
“created_at”: 1554865495,
“connect_timeout”: 60000,
“id”: “65335d6b-0a49-467f-8b12-5830dfa61a2f”,
“protocol”: “http”,
“name”: “api-afiliados”,
“read_timeout”: 60000,
“port”: 80,
“path”: “/api/values”,
“updated_at”: 1554865495,
“retries”: 5,
“write_timeout”: 60000,
“tags”: null


“updated_at”: 1554865717,
“created_at”: 1554865717,
“strip_path”: true,
“snis”: null,
“hosts”: null,
“name”: “route-afiliados”,
“methods”: [
“sources”: null,
“preserve_host”: false,
“regex_priority”: 0,
“service”: null,
“paths”: [
“destinations”: null,
“id”: “8a2fd125-d042-444b-b8f9-14002437795c”,
“protocols”: [
“tags”: null

Always answer
“message”: “no Route matched with those values”

What is my mistake?

Thank you!!!

Could you detail which call do you perform when getting no Route matched with those values ?
It should be GET http://{your-kong-IP}:8000/api/values to match your route definition. (Assuming that you let default 8000 as the proxy listen port)

Hi Yohann,

I had a problem with the value I gave to Host in the Header.

Thanks for answering.

Resolved? Can you post your fixes?

Hi, it’s solved, I had a problem with the Host header, that was all.

To reiterate what I think @ashutosh049 was asking, can you post exactly what the problem with the host header turned out to be?