Keycloak integration with community edition

I understand tht KeyCloak can be integrated with OPENID connect plugin. However it is enterprise ONLY. Do we have any option for community edition.

Best OIDC open-source Kong plugin IMO is this:

Thanks Jeremy ! But I am alien to luarocks. Right now installed community edition on k8s cluster. Would appreciate if you can guide me how to add this plugin to the k8s image.

@Prashant_Shandilya I have only worked with Kong as an API Gateway in cloud architecture deployed and configured in a dockerfile. As for native k8s deployment I am not sure how Kong is configured for 3rd party plugins. Obviously their YAML configurations mentions where standard plugins live but I suppose to actually leverage 3rd party plugins you could make a custom image with the plugin put into it and then add the plugin conf to the yaml configuration. See here for some discussion on it:

I haven’t tried this personally but am aware of

@hutchic In the example shared, the integration with keycloak is done at service layer and not at API GATEWAY (kong). This option would always be there but would mean tight coupling between service and security layer.

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Thanks ! would try this one. However would appreciate if kong can provide some std way to encorporate custom plugin…

@Tieske might have some insights here as he has been working in this area.

use this to generate a Kong image that includes a custom plugin:

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