JWT Plugin new feature - How to get my pull request accepted?

Hi there.
I have added a new feature in the JWT plugin that injects selected claims from the token into the request header.

It is working well in our environment and I have created a pull request on github.
But, this is my first contribution and maybe i’m doing it wrong. No one has commented, or made any indication if I need to change something for it to be accepted.

There are some errors showing on the pull request, but as far as I can tell it has nothing to do with the changes I have made.

What should I do next?

@Stefan_Badenhorst Hi,

Nothing is wrong with your PR, apologies for the delay on our side.

We are quite busy preparing Kong 0.14 scheduled for a few weeks from now, so we have less time to dedicate to reviewing PRs. We will get to it. Please note that your PR has only been open for 7 days, and that there is still plenty of time before the next Kong release. That said, we probably should have pinged you there to let you know that we appreciate your contribution!

Thank you,

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I see you have looked at the PR.
I have one more question.
The distribution we are using is the .deb .
How do I build it?