JWT claim based rate limiting

I have been asked to evaluate kong as a possible api gateway solution specifically with regards to effective rate limiting. In our case, we would like to rate limit individual customers, identified as a claim in a JWT bearer token.
Is this kind of solution supported with one or more existing plugins or would we need to write one ourselves? I followed some links to enterprise documentation but didn’t find what I was looking for. I just need a pointer.


You can use the JWT plugin for authentication purposes.

Then use the rate-limiting plugin to limit per consumer that is authentiated:

This is a very common use case for Kong.

Thanks :slight_smile:
My question was a little more specific - will the plugins allow me to use any claim from the JWT authentication token as a basis for rate limiting? In our case the subject of the JWT is not the Consumer.
I’ll read up some more. Thanks again

is there a way to use any claim in the jwt token as the basis for rate limiting? @Neil_chambers