JWT authentication debugging for websocket requests

I’m trying to debug an issue with a websocket connection that should go through an authenticated route(using the jwt plugin).

The websocket handshake request fails with a 403 status, but since it’s a websocket request the browser doesn’t show the response.

It would be nice to be able to see the interaction with the JWT plugin for such a request, to understand why the request is rejected.


Hello @DrPyser ,

Did you manage to authenticate the websocket with JWT token?

I’m trying the same, but using socket.io instead, and Kong doesn’t seem to be able to recognize the query string with the jwt token. :frowning:

JWT plugin user here. Do you know what headers the browser is sending? What does your JWT plugin configuration look like? I agree that the JWT could do a better job of logging.

From my side its fixed, it was an error in JWT plugin configuration that turned out to be difficult to find due to the “default” error msg from websocket.