Join the First-Ever Kong Community Call

Hi all! We’re starting up a global Kong community call, and the first one will be on September 25th at 10:00 am Pacific Time! The calls will happen once a month by Zoom and will highlight your work, provide opportunities to ask Kong engineering questions, and discuss ways to grow and improve the community!

This month @jeremyjpj0916 and @Ross_Sbriscia will demo a Kong plugin they built for Optum, plus we’ll have a Kong Summit recap and a Q&A with @thibaultcha. If you’d like to present on a future call, please put your topic and email address in the Future Topics section of the agenda!

Looking forward to talking with you!


Thrilled about our first community call! :phone:

Looking forward to spending more time interacting with the community “face to face”, or let’s say, in a more real-time fashion at least. It was a pleasure to meet some Kongers during our Kong Summit this week, and it will be equally delightful to meet those who could not make it!

I have no doubts that some really good things will come out of this :+1:

Hey everyone, thanks for a great call yesterday! You can watch the recording here.

The next call will be on October 16th! If you’d like to demo your work please add a line to the “Future Topic Suggestions” section of the agenda or ping me :slight_smile: