Is there a limit on the number of paths that can be configured for a route

We are looking at using Kong to temporarily limit access to one of our apis, to limit the blast radius when a change is made to the api content.
The API path contains the device electronic serial number matched by RE so each device has its own content served by the API.
The basic premise is to create a higher regex_priority route matching the current wildcard route with a request termination plugin, and then create an even higher regex_priority route that contains the paths with the actual ESN’s of the devices to allow (there are other RE components to the path as well).
This works as expected however we do have 6000 devices, so the question is how many paths can you define for a route. Is it possibly to create a route with 6000 paths or would it be better to create many routes with a small number of paths each, ie 100.

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+1 on this
We’re looking to do a similar implementation and would be keen to know best practice / any limitations.