Is kong community edition can eliminate SQL injections & OWASP threats


i am using kong community edition 2.0.3(db-less) , do we have any plugins or procedure to remove below threats

  1. SQL injections
    2)OWASP top 10 threats

Thanks in advance

Its possible, we have done so and I give a few notes here on how:

Disclaimer is that its performance isn’t the best and your throughput will be capped pretty hard through waf enabled traffic. I am actively looking for alternative open source solution/codebase to leverage down the road :slight_smile: .


Thanks for your reply, but currently i am using kong 2.0.3 version with db less. will above changes can be applied in my kong?

when i went through this link it says kong1.4.3?

Please let me know

Thanks In advance

Yep, still feasible on later versions too. Still nginx webserver after all.

Hi ,

i have tried above implementation but getting the below error while building docker image

Step 22/42 : COPY kong-ngx-build openresty-build-tools/kong-ngx-build

COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder073257003/kong-ngx-build: no such file or directory

can you please help me to resolve this.?

what is the exact path i can copy kong-nginx build