Ingress is pointing to old ingress controller instance


I am trying to setup kong ingress controller in such a way that there would be multiple instances of Kong ingress controllers(DB less mode) and multiple ingress would use each ingress controller.

First I installed Kong Ing controller(IC1) and registered two Ing (IG1 & IG2) in it using annotation ‘’. Second I installed another Kong Ing controller(IC2) and registered IG2 to use IC2. No components sharing namespaces, everything in their individual namespaces.

After registering IG2 with IC2, I see no proxy log in IC2, instead all IG2 calls go to IC1 proxy log.

Is there any way to force reload the Ingress controller registry, or any other way to solve this?

Do you mean you’re trying to have multiple controller instances handle the same Ingress, by setting multiple ingress.class annotations? That’s not allowed: you can only provide a single class annotation and should have a 1:1 relationship between an Ingress and a controller handling it.

You can technically set two controller instances to use the same class value to install that configuration in separate Kong proxy instances, though this isn’t officially supported–it works more or less by accident and does break some functionality (status information on the Ingress will only indicate one load balancer IP, for instance).

Not exactly, IC2 has only one ingress class IG2. Initially it was IC2 → IG1 and then changed to IC2 → IG2.

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