Ingress Controller not updating Load Balancer status on Ingress

Kubernetes 1.20
Kong: 2.5
Helm Chart 2.4.0
deployed in namespace kong
application ingress in different namespace than kong

I have stumbled upon weird issue which manifest itself repeatedly but not always. It is possible to replicate in 7 out 10 cases more or less.


  1. Create new Ingress (does not matter if with or without TLS)
kind: Ingress
  name: proxy-ingress
  namespace: appspace
  annotations: "https" "301"    
  ingressClassName: kong
  - host:
      - path: /assets/
        pathType: Prefix
            name: assets-app
              number: 80
  1. In 7/10 cases, the Ingress has no address.
$ kubectl get ingresses
NAME                                     CLASS   HOSTS                    ADDRESS                           PORTS     AGE
web-ingress                              kong              XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX                   80, 443   64d
proxy-ingress                            kong                                                80, 443   2m

And yet, the ingress works and is accessible.

$ kubectl get ingress/proxy-ingress -oyaml
  loadBalancer: {}

The ingress controller logs, even in DEBUG level, do show any errors. On the contrary, it reports successful data plane synchronization.

Actions taken thus far:

  1. restart API control plane; no dice.
  2. creating different ingress; works occasionally.
  3. RBAC permissions verified to allow for get/list/watch.
  4. Restarting Kong deployment does not resolve the issue.

This seems to be solely resource status not being updated. The Kong Ingress does actually work as expected.

Any idea how to debug this further?

fix: race condition for ingress resource status by shaneutt · Pull Request #1931 · Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller · GitHub (in 2.0.3) should address this.

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