Import Swagger (Open API) document to create API in Kong


We do contract first API creation starting with creating the API spec using the swagger editor, it would be great if we could import that directly into Kong to create the API and also then display all our APIs in a catalogue as a central repository of all active API’s in our environment. It would also be great if Kong could use the Examples specification from swagger to automatically implement simple api mocks, this would allow clients to start coding against the api while it is still being developed.

Thank you



This has indeed been suggested many many times over the past few years. See:

We do not have anything in particular to announce at this time regarding OpenAPI support regarding Kong CE. Pull requests welcome!


Yes I added a comment to one of those and was asked by someone from Kong to put the feature request here. So I hope that means they are starting to think about it again.


+1 to this feature request, i’m gonna go +1 it in github now too.


I am shocked , that this feature isnt available - very basic. :frowning:


Hi @thibaultcha, is this feature on your roadmap? It could be a nice use case for plugin development ;).


I agree to this comment. AWS API gateway has this feature since a couple of years now. We are being forced to develop something in-house to meet this gap. It would be good for Kong to put this on roadmap.