HTTPS redirect not working with annotation


In the past I used a KongIngress to redirect HTTP to HTTPS and annotated my ingress resource with the respective KongIngress. Working perfectly

I just updated my cluster with the Kong all-in-one-dbless script to the newest version kong:2.0 and kong-ingress-controller:0.9.1.
Now I use “” directly on the ingress resource. Therefore assuming that the KongIngress for redirecting HTTP traffic is not necessary anymore.

Unfortunately the annotation has no impact at all. Do I need to configure a KongIngress and annotate it with “” on the ingress resource? If yes, what does the annotation “” do?

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appendix ingress resource:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  annotations: letsencrypt "301" "true" kong "true"
  name: frontend
  namespace: dev
  - host:
      - backend:
          serviceName: frontend
          servicePort: 80
        path: /
  - hosts:
    secretName: frontend-tls

You also need to add: https
because the default is http,https meaning it will not redirect traffic on http.

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I missed that like a pro… Thanks - working perfectly now!

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