HTTPRoute config issue

Have pods and service running, in a specific namespace (not kong) and accessible by the clusterIP with:

curl -k

The code in the pods expect the path (api/v5/comments).
DNS in k8s is fine, with the above address resolving for the dns name
where ‘comments-api’ is the namespace, and that resolves to the address from the curl above.
And the Service expects requests on port 8082, as shown in the curl above.
So all is well there.

BUT, the http route, set up like this:

kind: HTTPRoute
  name: comments-api-http-route
  namespace: comments-api
# 'true'
  - name: kong
  - ''
  - matches:
    - path:
        type: PathPrefix
        value: /api/v5/comments
    - name: comments-business-api-service
      kind: Service
      port: 8082

Intent of this route will be to have a number of microservices on this same host, with different paths that will differentiate routing.
I have the strip-path removed, because I think that means that I want to pass through the api/v5/comments through.
When trying to hit it:

curl -vk

I get

"failure to get a peer from the ring-balancer"

Difficult to find good docs it seems on this httproute config, any thoughts out there? I’m sure I’m doing something stupid. Thanks

Or if anyone has a good example that aligns with the Kong graphics, where the gateway is in one namespace (i.e. by the cloud provider) and the httproutes and service deployments are under the control of the developers (and therefore are deployed to separate namespaces)…?