How to show invalid credentials or token expired message in case of multiple authentication enabled per api?

In kong, I have configured key-auth and JWT plugin on my api. In case of invalid credential or invalid token, request fallback to anonymous consumer having request-termination plugin. Hence, request terminates with status code and message configured in request-termination plugin.
Is there a way request-termination plugin terminates the request but still show validation messages coming out of key-auth or JWT plugin.
Issue I am facing is - how do I show invalid grant_type or token expired validations done by JWT plugin.

Steps To Reproduce

  • create an api
  • enable key-auth and JWT plugin on the api
  • create a consumer, create key-auth credentials for it. Also, create RS256 algorithm based JWT credential for it.
  • create an anonymous consumer. Create request-termination plugin for it.
  • Specify Kong UUID of anonymous consumer in config.anonymous field value in key-auth and JWT plugin earlier enabled for the api.
  • Additional Details & Logs

Kong version 0.14.1