How to proxy the traffic based on header reg-ex matching in Kong-ingress controller

Hi kong team

I am using the kong ingress controller as our company level ingress.
We know that kong community does not suppot the routing rules based on header reg-ex matching.

like the follwoing sample:
kind: KongIngress
name: service-b-routing
- {regex}

i would like to confirm how to develop this feature in kong ingress controller? if we need to develop new pulgin, could you tell me the design briefly.

You will need to add this to kong:

Route match by header regex · Issue #5666 · Kong/kong · GitHub is where we are tracking this feature.
If you have a design in mind, please post on that issue. The process would be to get consensus with the maintainers on the design and then subsequently send a PR for it.

thank you very much for your support. i want to confirm when the feature will be released?

No plans on that yet. We will gladly accept a PR for it. There is already one open as well.

Hello, Harry, I am glad to see your sharing in the following website.

I have one question , in page17, you mentioned that kong ingress controller also support weight based load balancing, but i researched kong offical weesite, i can not find out how to config the weight in k8s ingress yaml or kongIngress yaml.

Can you tell me how to config the weight?

@bizhenchao1201Please open a new post.