How to preserve kong domain name in UI redirection

Hi ,

I am using kong 2.5 for APIs and Microservice routing and I got a requirement to place react ui application behind,I have created below service pointing to my UI application.

(host :
protocol : http
path: /
port: 80).

I have created route for the same.
Host :
Paths : {/maps/home}
strip_path : false
preserve_host : false

Kong domain :

So when I tried to access ‘’, it is redirecting to ‘’ on browser.

is it possible to preserve kong domain name on browser without modifying to service url ?. so when I access ‘’, it should display content returned by ‘’.


HTTP redirects come in one of a few different flavors, but each one of them requires a Location header. You should try hitting your service with developer mode or otherwise enabled, whatever would allow you to view the network requests being made, and see what’s setting the Location header for you.

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