How to load go plugins using kong helm chart?

As far I know go plugins are binary files (.so) and they are bigger than ConfigMap/Secret size limit. So have can I load go plugin to kong in dbless mode?

For now, I’ve added sidecar that is coping go plugin file to kong container. But I’ve a problem with enabling it.
This is my vaules.yaml for kong helm chart.

` plugins:

       - pluginName: transformer-http-go-plugin
          name: <what should be here?>


  1. Please create Docker images and host it in your container registry. I’d recommend against copying it at runtime using initcontainers or sidecars.
  2. With Go plugins, all you need is to set the correct environment variable KONG_PLUGINS in this case to include your plugin name:
  plugins: bundled, my-go-plugin-name

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