How To Enable TCPIngressing - TCPEcho and AWS EKS

I am currently unable to get TCPIngressing to work. I’ve been following the tutorial here: TCPIngress with Kong - v2.0.x | Kong Docs. I’m using:

  • AWS EKS Kubernetes Cluster, with Kubernetes 1.21
  • Kong 2.7
  • Kong Ingress Controller 2.1
  • Helm Chart 2.6.4 for installation

I’ve updated the kong deployment and service as states in the example, and I can see it opening up the ports I added on the AWS network load balancer. However, when I telnet into that port on the load balancer, I can make the connection but it is not being forwarded to the tcp-echo container. In the logs for the kong proxy, I do see that it is making valid connections to the tcp-echo service and there are no other errors.

My TCPIngress is defined as follows:

kind: TCPIngress
  name: echo-plaintext
  annotations: kong
    - port: 2575
        serviceName: tcp-echo
        servicePort: 2701

I can connect to the tcp-echo service directly, so I know that it is working and started up.

Any suggestions will be helpful, I’ve been fighting with this for a while now.

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