How to do cache analysis?

Is there any plugin/tool/way available that can help us for cache analysis?

We are trying to get stats of

  • Is cached full / How much cache memory is getting used?
  • Once cache full how much memory getting freed after removing LRU items?

Short answer:
Plugin - No
Tool - For enterprise there is bundled charts and information on cache size/ + hits / misses, for open source/community there is none provided by Kong or created by 3rd party community members.

Maybe OpenResty platform provides some analysis tools?

I imagine there is probably a way to do this, I too would like a simple real time api call(plugin/admin api) that just returns size of cache and free space left (in bytes or kb). Something I will look into down the road.

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Thanks for the reply!

If we get something like this in the future then it will be really helpful.