How to add kong-oidc plugin to a dockerized kong

Hey there! I’m trying to add this plugin to my kong that uses this docker compose, but it’s not clear to me how to enable the plugin. So far I have tried:

logging into the docker container and running luarocks install kong-oidc, editing my kong.conf to have plugins=bundled,oidc and export KONG_PLUGINS=oidc but

curl -X POST     --data "name=oidc"      --data "config.client_id=kong-oidc"  -d "config.client_secret=a_client_secret" -d "config.discovery=https://a_discovery_url"

but I see "message":"schema violation (name: plugin 'oidc' not enabled; add it to the 'plugins' configuration property)" coming back. I know kong enterprise is a potential solution, but regardless it is important for me to understand how to properly install plugins on a dockerized kong. Could anybody please help me out?

An update to this: I was able to add the plugin, just needed to run it under a root user due to a recent effort (that I like) to make kong the least privileged possible user

Hey, to clarify, you ended up running luarocks as a priviledged user or the container after installing the oidc plugin?