How to add GeoIP headers


Is it possible to add/configure geoIP headers in Kong?
I didn’t find any solution…

I want to move configuration from our existent nginx controller to kong ingress controller.

And I don’t how to to deal with such configuration on Kong: |
  more_set_headers X-GeoIP-Country $geoip_country_code;
  more_set_headers X-GeoIP-Country-Name $geoip_country_name;
  more_set_headers X-GeoIP-Region-Name $geoip_region_name;
  more_set_headers X-GeoIP-City $geoip_city;
  more_set_headers X-GeoIP-Postal-Code $geoip_postal_code;
  more_set_headers "X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block";
  more_set_headers "X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN";

Thank in advance for any tips.

You can do this globally in Kong but not for a specific service.
If you would like to do it globally, you can use Nginx directive injection.

@hbagdi Thanks for your reply. Sorry, but could you give me a short example, because it’s not so easy to understand how-to implement it…

as I see I should re-run kong with some extra env variables, something like this?:


tested it in such way:

      value: X-GeoIP-Country $geoip_country_code

but kong gets in CrashLoopbackOff.

It doesn’t recognize variable/symbol ‘$’


Error: could not prepare Kong prefix at /kong_prefix: nginx configuration is invalid (exit code 1):
nginx: [warn] load balancing method redefined in /kong_prefix/nginx-kong.conf:57
nginx: [emerg] unknown “geoip_country_code” variable
nginx: configuration file /kong_prefix/nginx.conf test failed

Maybe I should somehow enable nginx geoip module in kong at first?

@hbagdi help please.

geoip module doesn’t ship with Kong and you can’t do this.