Golang plugin parameters (like schema.lua)

I’d like to know if there is a way to tell Kong which parameters are available for a golang Kong plugin, and enable to set them via API and/or Kong web admin tool like Konga.
I have seen that parameters are discovered by Kong from the source file “schema.lua” of LUA plugins. I wonder if there is the same for golang plugins ?
Thank you for reading.

Go plugins define their configuration as a struct type. As mentioned in the docs, you define a constructor that returns your type:

func New() interface{} {
    return &MyConfig{}

And Kong will introspect the returned value ant create the equivalent to the schema.lua. The configuration data can come from the database, declarative configuration or the admin API, just like with Lua plugins.

Thanks a lot Javier for your answer, indeed it is working now with your help.
Now I wonder how to get my plugin put in a the right category. For now it is shown in “Other” category (in Konga), and I’d like it in another one.