GKE Kong Proxy and routing to non-cluster services

Looking at the documentation Admin API route-object I am looking to confirm the following:

  • Can GKE hosted KongProxy redirect requests to service not hosted within the cluster itself
  • what is the practical scaling limit for service end points

My specific use case:

  1. remote client makes an API end point call
  2. GKE Kong Proxy receives the request
  3. Kong Proxy then routes the request to any one of the following: GKE cluster hosted service end point, GCE hosted end point, Google cloud function, or an on-prem service instance

It is not clear to me how one goes about doing that (sorry just too new here), and can we do this using YAML configurations? While we have Enterprise version with the portal, we are looking at CI/CD implementation longer term.

Point me in the right direction. I am VERY certain I have missed an RTFM opportunity here. :frowning:

Yep, ExternalName Services will let you point to an arbitrary external hostname.

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Thank you! Reading up on that right now!

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