External Postgress Kong Connectivity Error - Database needs bootstrapping

Stuck with this error since a long time…
I have an external postgress pod with pvc and pv …
and i have mentioned the volume mounts in the values.yaml of kong helm as -

  - mountPath: /var/lib/postgresql/data
    name: postgres-pv-claim

in the env section…
Initially kong-init-migrations runs and the kong pod also comes to running state…
But when my k8s instance restarts or the pods are deleted the kong pod gets stuck in
kong-kong-74f 0/1 Init:1/2 0 1s
init state…
Also the logs for wait-for-db is as follows -

waiting for db
Error: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/cmd/utils/migrations.lua:16: Database needs bootstrapping or is older than Kong 1.0.

To start a new installation from scratch, run 'kong migrations bootstrap'.

To migrate from a version older than 1.0, migrated to Kong 1.5.0 first.
If you still have 'apis' entities, you can convert them to Routes and Services
using the 'kong migrations migrate-apis' command in Kong 1.5.0.

kong image -

  repository: kong
  tag: "2.4"

postgres image - postgres:10.1

Please help me resolve this blocker !!