Enabling disabling Kong plugin using Curl

So i can create a Kong request-temrination plugin using curl using the following:

curl -X POST http://{HOST}:8001/services/{SERVICE}/plugins
–data “name=request-termination”
–data “config.status_code=403”
–data “config.message=So long and thanks for all the fish!”

However i want have a few of these plugins for different services, i want to be able to disable the plugin for a service using the service name and plugin name, is this possible:

If i use the following it works fine:

/plugins/plugin id

IS there a way i could do

/services/{service name or id}/plugins/{plugin id}

but use the plugin name like


and pass in the payload of enabled:true

Im trying to avoid having to ind out the plugin id… byt doing a


Hi AI12345,

Welcome! Unfortunately, it does not look like this is possible as it performs a lookup by the UUID in the table.

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