Does Kong support java process to run?

HI, I would like to know does kong have support for running java code on Kong ? My use case is that I am using aerospike for cache purpose at kong API gateway level and for which i am trying to LUA wrapper on java client provided by Aeropsike. So i would need to load Java code in lua module, so i might need JVM on kong?

Does kong support running java code on Kong API gateway? or Do i need to host separate server to do that?

Currently plugins can only be written in Lua.

As to simply executing a java application on the same server as Kong, why not. Use say linux alpine or CentOS base image/os for example, and write a java app localhost and you can write a kong plugin to invoke that java app on localhost path through localhost REST calls if really needed. You don’t have to use a separate server per say.

Thanks for Quick reply.

So I would be needing Java to be installed on Kong because of JVM, Right?

Well you install java on the machine/container that is running Kong. Kong itself is an application. So essentially your host will have nginx/Kong running and another process running your java application on the same host. As long as you provide a rest interface to invoke your java codebase then Kong can talk to it over localhost.