DNs issue while connecting to upstream


i am currently using kong 2.0.3 version in dbless mode .
i have built one plugin which has some logic and based on that i am changing the upstream service.

but i am getting DNS error while connecting to upstream.

i am able to connect to that upstream via curl and insode my pod( am running in kubernetes)

i have tried “if dns_cache_only and target.balancer ~= nil then” in balancer.lua but no cluck

2021/08/09 07:41:47 [error] 187#0: *20008 [lua] balancer.lua:921: execute(): DNS resolution failed: dns server error: 3 name error. Tried: ["(short)https://portalui-nv.ces.svc.dev.k8s.pcloud36.:(na) - cache-miss","https://portalui-nv.ces.svc.dev.k8s.pcloud36.:33

please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

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