Direct traffic to AWS ECS services using SRV records

Hey guys! In the company I work at, we have a couple of services running on AWS ECS, and in our DNS we have SRV records pointing to them.

I want to create an Ingress resource that will direct traffic to those services using the DNS SRV records, is that possible?

This should work using an ExternalName Service. Kong’s DNS resolution looks at SRV records automatically: Load Balancing Reference - v2.7.x | Kong Docs

So, I have a hosted zone named oln and the admin service inside it. Should I just reference it like this?

externalName: admin.oln

I have done that already but got the error message below


Do you see anything of interest for that hostname with KONG_LOG_LEVEL set to debug? That error is essentially a DNS resolution failure, and the proxy debug logs should indicate what happened during resolution in more detail.