Deploy the kubernetes-ingress-controller problem

When deploying kong with the latest version of all-in-one-postgres.yaml, can the pod configuration be replaced with external PGSQL?Can you also remove access control rbac?Because the container is reporting an error:cannot get resource “services” in API group “” in the namespace “kong”.

Yes. You can chose to not deploy Postgres on k8s and instead use an external database.

That’s unusual. Can you share the logs of the controller container in the ingress-kong pod?

Yes, I want several different namespace services to be managed by a gateway, and the address of the gateway does not change often, but it will change after the current restart, which should be related to pod IP drift;And what’s a good way to install a custom plugin?

That’s a separate topic. is a good way to do this. I’d recommend to create a new docker image for kong for this purpose.