Customize error response for connectivity issue (502)

We are using custom_nginx.template to custom some nginx configurations. We have customized nginx errors in this file using the error_page directive

error_page 500 501 502 508 /our_error_handling_location;

After upgrading to Kong 2.3.1, we noticed the the error_response directive dose not affect 502 status code anymore. In case of connectivity issue, the response is

    "message": "An invalid response was received from the upstream server",
    "statusCode": 502

instead of our custimized response.

We figured out that the following code in kong/init.lua is responsible to this behaviour

local res = ngx.location.capture("/kong_buffered_http", options)
if res.truncated then
   kong_global.set_phase(kong, PHASES.error)
   ngx.status = 502
   return kong_error_handlers(ctx)

Is there any way to customize this error?

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Is there any solution?
It is really annoying that we have no control on the message that is returned to the client in case of timeout.

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