Custom plugin dao - datastore cassandra error


If someone encountered the following error from Cassandra when custom plugin wants to insert or update, please let me know how to solve this!
The error is:
[cassandra] could not execute selection query: [Invalid] Cannot execute this query as it might involve data filtering and thus may have unpredictable performance. If you want to execute this query despite the performance unpredictability, use ALLOW FILTERING
The table exists, after using command line to insert a row the select from table works within the custom plugin, manually executing the insert or update also works, just not from the plugin.

From the custom plugin I can update other tables, like

  local entity, err = kong.db.oauth2_credentials:update(
    { id = "f0520ebb-fc73-407a-8222-a2e6cfdb04cd" },
    { name = "InsomniaCantSleep" }

does work, but not the statements on my table. The daos.lua and table are not exotic, the primary key is id (just like oauthe_credentials) and index on another field, but cassandra is not accepting the update nor insert statements.

It should be something small I overlook, but I have no clue where to look anymore…

Any help is much appreciated,
Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Weekends are the best problem solvers :wink:

The column was specified in daos.lua as unique, in Cassandra table it had no index, this was the cause of my frustration…

Question answered,
Thanks and enjoy the day,

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