Custom fields for API consumers in developer portal

I’m looking at Kong Connect as a portal into several APIs we’ll be providing to our customers.

Our product requires that we keep some configuration parameters related to our customers since we have processes that run out of the context of an API call (e.g. nightly summary reports based on the data they sent to our API).

A concrete example is a webhook URL to which we want to make a call once a report for a customer is ready, we want our customers to be able to manage this webhook URL by themselves.

The ideal solution I’m looking for is to provide some kind of form in the developer portal where they can enter these values. The values should then either be sent to an internal API of ours (so we can save them somewhere ourselves) or saved in Kong Connect and be available to get via an API call from our internal services at a later point in time.

Reading through the docs I can’t find anything that seems to do this out of the box. I just wanted to double check here if this really is unsupported, or if I might be missing something.