Contribute to Kong for Hacktoberfest


:jack_o_lantern: Happy Hacktoberfest everyone! :jack_o_lantern:

Digital Ocean is generously offering a cool T-shirt to anyone who opens 5 quality-qualifying pull requests to open source GitHub projects in the month of October! Check out the official Hacktoberfest site for details about how to make sure your PRs qualify, and how to get a shirt.

In addition to the Hacktoberfest tee, everyone who gets a contribution accepted to a Kong repo can also get a sweet Kong Contributor T-shirt! So this month you could hit two birds with one stone by making Hacktoberfest qualifying PRs to Kong’s code and documentation.

If you’re not sure where to start, @Cooper will be giving a primer about how to contribute to the documentation during our next community call on October 16th. You can find the details on how to join the call on our open Google agenda doc, or add yourself to the list at the bottom of the doc to receive a Google calendar invite for this and future meetings.

If aren’t sure what to work on, please check out the issues labeled good first issue on our Kong and Docs respositories for inspiration!

Happy Hacking!



Where can we claim the sweet Kong Contributor T-shirt for contributions?


See or


Thank you.

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Hi everyone! I know the month is almost over but I want to note that Hacktoberfest is pretty explicit about the kinds of changes that count toward the 5 PRs required for a shirt, and we are sticking to the same guidelines for Kong tees. Please be sure to check the guidelines before submitting a contribution. Happy Hacking :jack_o_lantern:


Hey! I contributed to your repo httpsnippet last month but nobody’s assigned yet. It is a minor typo fix but I’m a beginner so it would mean a lot to me if you could look into it.
Thank you so much!


Hi @angie1015 , thanks! Can you do me a favor and link to your PR?



@judith.kong please look into it


I filled the form to redeem the Kong contributor T-shirt around 20 days ago, but haven’t gotten any confirmation mail for the same. Can I know the status of the same? Thanks


Hi @vinayak42! We received your form fill but weren’t ready for the volume of contributions we got, so we ran out of shirts!! Working to get them back in stock now. Thanks so much for your patience!