Consistent hashing on headers

i have started using the kong CE and was working fine until i have requirement for hashing on header.
i tried enabling the hashed on header in upstream but did not work, giving error every time.
every time i hit with hashed header in header field of API, it given me below error.
i have 4 servers in upstream.
2022/03/02 17:19:02 [debug] 116535#0: *7985485 [lua] consistent_hashing.lua:136: getPeer(): trying to get peer with value to hash: [xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
2022/03/02 17:19:02 [info] 116535#0: *7985485 client closed keepalive connection

anyone know how can we fix this or anything i am missing here.

any help will be highly appreciated.

the only solution for this is increase the slot in upstream to 10000 or above to overcome with this issue.