Configuring KongIngress for specific routes for a particular path

Hi all,
Is it possible to configure kong ingress resource to act for certain endpoints
KI resource is applied over a particular service in my case
If yes how would we do it?

Problem is that we need to add timeouts for a few routes for the same path
eg: There’s an ingress with path set as /path and directed to backend - service_backend
Now we send few requests with different routes for the same path as in example below


We want the connection Timeout to be applied only to /a and /b and not to /c → How would it get possible?


You’d need to define separate Kubernetes Services with the same port/Deployment configuration and set the timeouts differently on each, and then point the Ingress rule backends to the Service with the desired timeout.

That’s necessary since Kong sets timeouts at the service level rather than the route level, so this can’t be done with separate Ingresses.

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