Configure Kong to work with websockets inside my AWS EKS k8s


I want to try if a webSockets server works in my AWS EKS k8s with kong ingress controller.
Does anyone know if I need to add something to kong in order to work?
Do you know an example of dummy websockets so I can try if it works with EKS + kong?

I only found a reference: Proxy Reference - v2.7.x | Kong Docs


Websockets should not require any special configuration: you only need to set up a generic HTTP route via an Ingress and it will support websockets automatically. We use the underlying NGINX implementation, which handles websocket traffic without configuration beyond propagation of the Upgrade and Connection headers. Kong handles header propagation for you.

Offhand, I don’t know of any good dummy websocket endpoint application for testing.

Thanks @traines
I moved prod to my new k8s cluster with kong and websockets works OK!

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