Can't see correlation-id header in Lambdas

I’m working on my first Kong installation. I’ve tested and verified every bit of functionality (various plugins, services, routes, etc) I need working, but there’s only one thing I can’t get working. I do know for certain that the correlation-id plugin works , because I get the ID passed back downstream to the client (e.g. Postman, curl). However, my Lambdas are not getting the header. Is my expectation that I should be getting the header in my Lambda even correct?

My Lambdas do get any other arbitrary header I set from my client. They also get other headers being set by Kong such as “x-consumer-username”, “x-consumer-custom-id”, etc. My Lambda plugin is using these settings I think could be relevant:

awsgateway_compatible: true
forward_request_headers: true
is-proxy_integration: true

I’ve tried every combination of them on/off but it doesn’t make a difference.
I’ve also tried setting the correlation-id plugin at the global, service, and route levels individually and simultaneously.

Does anyone have any advice for me at all?
Thanks much for reading.

Hi, did you manage to fix this?

I had the same problem today and was able to fix it by changing the order of the plugins set on the service

 - name: dl
   url: https://localhost:8443
   - name: dl
     - /dl
   - name: correlation-id
       header_name: X-Correlation-ID
       generator: uuid
       echo_downstream: true
   - name: basic-auth
       hide_credentials: true
   - name: aws-lambda
       aws_secret: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
       aws_region: eu-west-X
       function_name: myLambdaFunction  
       forward_request_headers: true
       forward_request_uri: true
       forward_request_body: true
       forward_request_method: true
       is_proxy_integration: true