Can we use Soap based services into kong api


I have some soap web services exposed , can soap based web services be used in kong?

Can it proxy a SOAP transaction? Yes was the answer I got, but the features/plugins of the gateway are not going to be able to help SOAP transactions with Kong unless you write some SOAP specific plugins(which there are none today). Things like WS Security all are not handled at gateway layer which to me makes proxying just to proxy not very valuable. If someone makes a suit of SOAP Kong plugins then that would change things :slight_smile: . But industry is moving towards REST and even beyond that, SOAP in most enterprise is becoming deprecated/legacy.

Hi Thanks for replying ,

I am totally new to this Kong api, can you share( if you have ) any document which can guide me to implement kong for restful web services .

Some good places to start learning Kong include our documentation and our recorded demos and webinars.

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