Can Kong help me with migrating my legacy application to a new rebuild?


I’ve a legacy Zend application which does iffy things to generate forms which causes dependency hell and prevents me from upgrading to Zend’s sucessor Laminas.

I want to rebuild the application in a more popular framework, but retrain my database and its structure. Obviously I can not do it in one time. So I thought I could use Kong to redirect my users by default to the old application, but route them to newer parts of the rebuild application which are already done.

  • Is this possible when both applications are on separate servers?

But how does authentication and CSRF work when I use Kong?

I can not wrap my head around Kong’s documentation about it.

  • Could Kong access my database to verify credentials or is “the Customer” mentioned in Kong’s docs a separate application I have to build to access the current database for verifying credentials?
  • Or do I need to build a new page for my users to migrate their passwords to Kong’s authentication stuff?

I do not want to use OAuth or similar complex authentication stuff. Just KISS username + password.

Please “Explain like I’m five”.

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