Can I use kong for proxying https request to my upstream if the certificate is locate in the upstream wich is an nginx image that handle certificate with certbot?

Hi, I am new using kong. I have the follow integration kong->my_api, kong->my_website the api is working well and also the web site through protocol http, but now I am settings https by using certbot in the nginx of my_website, the certificate it’s already configure. But when I request my site from https browser is telling me error about Self-signed certificate. When I let my_website without using kong and just by the nginx the request is successfull acomplishes. Apologies in advance, if you require more context. There is a way to tell kong that ignore validate https certificate an passthrought the request to the upstream service in order that the nginx in my_website image validate the certificate?

I changed the strategy by handlelling the ssl request from kong using plugins ACME plugin | Kong and it works :slight_smile:

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