Best instance to run Kong on?

Hey guys I wanted to use Kong for an Enterprise level project that gets ~2000 requests/sec, I was wondering which instance will be best suitable?
What I mean is should we run Kong on T1 instances or T2 instances, etc.

I don’t use AWS if your referring to their hosting but I would say just make sure you have 4-8 core CPU + 8GB of RAM. You can use the Kong recommended settings posted here too:

Production System Requirements

For Kong, prefer CPU optimized instances. We recommend at least 4 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and 24GB of disk space. Kong performs better on a system with multiple cores. In an AWS environment, we recommend running c4.2xlarge instances in production that guarantee enough cores (8) and memory (16GB).

For Cassandra and PostgreSQL, prefer memory optimized instances. Assume more intensive workload on the datastore if you are using the rate-limiting or response rate-limiting plugins with a “cluster” policy. Use this only if Redis is not an option. High ulimit systemvalue, possibly >=65535 . A higher limit value will allow Kong and the datastores to process more incoming requests.

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