API route collides with an existing API

Kong Enterprise 0.34

The default workspace has a route with the path “/base”.

I’m trying to create a route in “Test” workspace like “/base/foo”:
http --ignore-stdin post https://kong-admin-api/Test/routes "Kong-Admin-Token: ‘paths[]=/base/foo’ service.id=abc123 -f

This results in “HTTP 409 Conflict”:
“message”: “API route collides with an existing API”

My understanding is that Kong should allow “/base” and “/base/foo” routes to exist at the same time.

Is my understanding wrong?


Hi @matt.miller,

Workspace implementation comes with some restrictions how routes can be created. Here is the guide https://docs.konghq.com/enterprise/0.34-x/workspaces/examples/#important-note-conflicting-apis-or-routes-in-workspaces.