Annotaion in k8s service yaml


if I add the“abc” to the annotation of service or ingress yaml file
and if the yaml file which matedata name =“abc” could not find and I forget import (kubectl) to k8,so, kong ingress control find the config(“abc”) and then did not found matched yaml。
will it affect to service or ingress and cause any problem ?

also,if i add the KongPlugin yaml to k8 but forget add annotation to ingress(kubectl patch ingress) ,will if affect ingress ? and the kongplugin yaml file will cause any problem?

Thank you for your reply

I’m not sure I follow your question entirely, but in general, you’ll want to ensure that configuration/resources referenced by your various manifests does indeed exist.

You can usually spot any issues by watching the controller logs, e.g.

kubectl logs -f KONG_POD -c ingress-controller

while adding/modifying configuration will show any issues with configuration that wasn’t found or configuration that can’t be applied.

Setting up is also helpful; it will provide similar feedback at the kubectl level, and prevent you from applying some types of invalid configuration.