Analytics and Monitoring

Any one help me to use Analytics and monitoring plugins to analysis kong all transaction’s reports with all possibility.

Check out the logging section of Kong Hub:


is a quality plugin choice if your group uses open tracing standards in other layers of the stack.

By using zipkin is that any possible to get paths (End-Point) wise status. Because my kong configuration in single routes with multiple paths (End-Point). But i need to stats for each paths ( Endpoint). Ex:

curl -X POST
–data “methods[]=GET”
–data “hosts[]
–data “strip_path=false”
–data “paths[]=/aaa&paths[]=/v1/bbb&paths[]=/v1/ccc”
–data “”

we need status for each individual paths. paths[]=/aaa&paths[]=/v1/bbb&paths[]=/v1/ccc