Allow Header to be persist through out the session

Hi Team,

My configuration details:
EKS= v1.28.3-eks-e71965b

I am in the process of migrating my API gateway from Emissary to Kong. I have successfully created an application migration. I have one scenario/issue like below,
After validating the user token on our JWT microservice we will add that user ID to the header for a particular session. How can I do that? in Emissary done it using the below steps.

kind: AuthService
  name: my-auth
  auth_service: "my-custom-jwt-auth-svc"
  proto: http
  timeout_ms: 2000
    code: 403
  path_prefix: "/v1/validate"
  - "myauth-userid"
  add_linkerd_headers: false
  failure_mode_allow: true

hey Ajeesh

Have you looked at this guide?

Thank you

Hey Vik,

I am stuck with the Authentication side. I need to authenticate the centralized service. Meaning that before accessing the resources, I need to add userID, and then userID will pass to the application