Access body from go plugin


In a Lua plugin it is possible to access the response body using the body_filter method.

Is it possible to access it with a Go plugin? The documentation states that we can only define these event methods: Certificate, Rewrite, Access, Preread and Log. From those, only Log takes place after the request has been processed, and I can’t see any way to access the body with the API.

Thanks in advance.

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@fergonco had you any advance with this topic? I’m really interested in.

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@fergonco @gsdenys Do you have any information on this? I’m interested

Not yet… I’d write my plugin in Lua

Sorry for the super late response. I didn’t get any notification in the email.

I ended up creating a Lua plugin that sends the body to a go server sidecar, using a producer/consumer pattern, which actually does the job.

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