🦍 6/13 [User Call] In the Driver's Seat with Konnect - Uplevel Your API Management Strategy

Join Manjiri Tapaswi (Senior Software Engineer, Konnect at Kong) for a ride around your Konnect organization’s administrative management!

Learn how to secure and govern your environment by setting up Teams and Roles, or enable SSO through an external authenticator. We’ll go over how to leverage System Accounts for hardening your automation and integrations.

Tune up your security risks monitoring, compliance maintenance, and responding to potential security incidents when they occur, by setting up and tracking Audit Logs.

Not an organization administrator? Worry not, we’ll go over navigating your user account’s management, customize your profile information, manage your password, delete your account and even exercise your right to be forgotten (RTBF) under GDPR. Finally, we’ll go over setting up your Personal Access Tokens (PATs) as an alternative to traditional passwords.

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