2 way TLS / SSL communication

Hello Greetings,
In our organisation we are looking for API Gateway solutions, we have two mandatory requirements:-

  1. 2 way TLS / SSL communication.
  2. Routing based on path / param / headers.

We were evaluating Kong for the above, can you please help me out with the above? If yes to both? then any document to setup this would be of great help.

Thanks in Advance,
Ankit Singhai


  1. As of now, Kong->Consumer, Kong->Upstream, Upstream->Kong TLS are supported in the open source version of Kong. Consumer->Kong requires the Enterprise only Mutual TLS plugin.
  2. We support routing by path, headers already. Not sure what is “params” but feel free to checkout the Routes and matching capabilities doc.


Thanks Datong for the response.
By param I meant Query Parameters & Request parameters in request body -application/json.

I think we don’t have the params capability yet. But since Kong is so extensible, if you have a specific requirement it can usually be address with a custom plugin as well.