🦍 06/20 [User Call] Bringing Kubernetes-native Sidecars to Kong Mesh

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If you’re keeping an eye on the service mesh ecosystem, you may have heard a lot of debate about sidecars. Up until recently, there have been some real pain points with sidecars in Kubernetes. As surprising as it sounds, there was actually no real concept of a sidecar at all.

With Kubernetes v1.29, a number of those points have been solved with the release of the native sidecars feature. Kong Mesh’s most recent release v2.7 adds support for this game-changing feature. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why do we really need sidecars?
  • We’ve had sidecars forever, but how did they look before Kubernetes v1.29?
  • How the new native sidecars feature makes everything just work
  • A Kong Mesh demo using native sidecars